All Together Now – Gill Hornby

June 28, 2016 Book Reviews 0

UntitledWhat they say:

The Bridgeford Community Choir is in crisis. Numbers are down. The choir leader is in hospital. The tea urn is behaving in an ominous fashion. Something must be done.

New joiners Tracey Leckford and Bennett Parker might just be able to save the day. But Tracey is hiding a huge secret about her past. And Bennett – while equipped with a beautiful singing voice – is entirely baffled by the world and everything in it. Can they really fit in with dependable old regulars like Annie?

As the choir suffers through fights, feuds and the perils of the school fair, it becomes clear that their struggles are not just about music, but the future of their community. In order to save their singing group and their town, the Bridgeford Singers will have to find a way to work together – in harmony.


What we say – review by Nikki Mason:

A lovely feel good novel with community spirit at its heart. I swear after reading this you’ll be joyfully singing Pharell’s ‘Happy’ for days and I can’t think of a more fitting homage.

The Bridgeford Community Choir doesn’t lack for enthusiasm from its members – just from its audiences. Everything seems to be going wrong and a huge drive for new singers brings unlikely members such as single mum Tracey Leckford, who’s been avoiding the spotlight for decades, and bumbling but good hearted Bennett Parker. But the poetic power of singing in harmony brings new strengths to the individuals of the choir and with a bit of a shake and a hint of magic some interesting things start to happen…

The best thing about this story is the bringing together of disparate lives. Each member has their own story and is bringing their own attitudes and issues to practices but together they can form such a strong bond that what was once the mockery of Bridgeford has the power to become its saviour – as long as the cracks don’t begin to show. Gill Hornby has pulled this off with a light, witty and super confident hand.



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