Bad Girls Club – Kathryn O’Halloran

February 5, 2013 Book Reviews 1

Bad Girls ClubWhat they say:

‘Three girls are united in their realisation that keeping themselves nice has got them nowhere. It’s time to take action. It’s time to rebel. It’s time to become Bad Girls.

Imogen wants to get laid but how can she be a bad girl until she loses a few kilos? Beth is happy to be a bad girl – so long as no one else finds out and so long as she is in control. Juliette’s not really sure what she’s doing, but it sure beats another Saturday night gaming with her geek boyfriend.

They band together to form the Bad Girls Club, a support group for recovering nice girls, and through a series of brazen dares, push the limits of their sexuality. But are the girls ready to finally take the final leap that will have them branded as bad girls for real? To save the club, and each other, they each have to publicly acknowledge their darkest secrets.

Join the bad girls in this raunchy, snort-laughingly funny chick lit adventure.’

What we say – review by Victoria Lawson:

An easy and yet enjoyable read, Kathryn O’Halloran’s ‘Bad Girls Club’ tells the story of three women who want to rid themselves of their good girl images in the search of something more.  The three very different women provide the reader with some amusing anecdotes and racy details of their brazen bad girl dares.  Beth, who is uptight and respectable, dreams of the life that society says she should have.  Although she is happy to become a bad girl, it is only as long as she’s in control and no-one finds out.  Curvy Imogen is matter-of-fact and straight to the point.  Although she speaks her mind and seems confident, her quest to get laid is dampened by her low self-esteem.  Juliette seems the most timid out of the three.  She sees her life slipping away in a haze of Saturday nights spent on the couch with pizza, the Xbox and her harmless but boring boyfriend.

These three women, brought together by an overbearing, spoilt socialite, travel together on a journey of self-discovery, pushing their limits of self and sexuality to the very edge.  Although the women experience vicious cat fights, erotic three-somes and high-society food fights, the ‘Bad Girls Club’ is more a story of self-discovery and friendship than hardcore erotica.  Think the friendships and sauciness of ‘Sex and the City’ mixed with the awkward hilarity of ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’ and you won’t be far off.  O’Halloran has created a thoroughly enjoyable story with characters the reader can easily identify with and just the right amount of raciness to keep the reader hooked from beginning to end.

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