Bittersweet– Kathy Petrakis

June 26, 2013 Book Reviews, Young Adult Reviews 1

bittersweet final coverDancers and Divas Series Book 2 

What they say:

‘As Elena and Sebastian embark on a fresh start, will Letitia keep his secret, or will she use it to destroy them?

As Veronika falls in love, Frankie is out of rehab and trying to make amends, but will it last for either of them?

Meanwhile, as Anya is torn between loyalty to her Nana and love for Darius, could Darius fall for the new temptress, Rosa? With her stunning looks, her powerful, sensual dancing and her desire to seduce, she has everyone nervous but what secret is she hiding?

Continue the roller-coaster journey with your favourite characters as they try to survive junior year at the country’s top performing arts school.’


What we say – review by Elizabeth Wright:

Kathy jumps into the next story in the trilogy feet first and you quickly get to grips with all the characters again, remembering their individual quirks and problems. For readers familiar with the series this gives the feeling of returning to an old friend, but I can imagine that people new to the story would be at a complete loss as to the storyline as there is little given to explain the history or even demonstrate the true nature of the characters. However this is, after all, a sequel and fans of Kathy’s work won’t need a refresher course so the issue is minimal.

With this story Kathy has once again created a world that is truly captivating. Anyone keen on dance or even simply trying to lose some weight will be inspired by the commitment of all the main characters to their bodies and their dancing. The story takes you through first times, love, broken friendships and even foreign love affairs, leaving you wanting for nothing. The bedroom scenes create just the right amount of sexual tension and passion and the twists and turns of the plot left me open mouthed quite a few times. At times the narrative doesn’t flow quite as well as it could, but none-the-less I couldn’t wait to go back to it every time I put it down


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