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September 19, 2016 Book Reviews 1

UntitledWhat they say:

Sometimes you have to dig deep to discover what you really need. Marketing events manager Molly Keir doesn’t realise how much she still cares for her ex until she meets him with another woman. Her answer is to seize the chance of a glittering job in London even though this will mean leaving behind her aging father and pregnant best friend Lexie Gordon. Adam Blair is in the wrong job. Pressured by his father to join the family law firm, the stress of work helped break his marriage. Now Molly is moving to London, and he knows he needs to move on but events soon overtake his best intentions. A year ago, Caitlyn Murray quit her well-paid job to avoid becoming a whistleblower. Now she is stuck at home with her overworked mother and four needy step-siblings. Tempted by the offer of a good wage, she returns to her old firm where her nightmare comes back to haunt her. Molly and Adam seem to have gone too far to recover the love they once had, and when Caitlyn finds the courage to speak out, she brings all their worlds tumbling down.

What we say – review by Nikki Mason:

Jenny Harper is highly skilled in depicting modern women facing contemporary problems in her books. In Mistakes We Make, Molly and Adam’s marriage broke down through miscommunication and a lot of commitment to work over the relationship. Even now, Molly is determined to pursue a thrilling but stressful career in London, leaving everyone she loves behind in Scotland. At least it will help her get over Adam…right?

Meanwhile, Caitlyn has spent her life looking after her mother and half-siblings, but there’s just never enough money. When an opportunity comes up in a law firm she left after uncovering some unsavoury truths, she feels she just can’t turn it down…but what is she letting herself in for?

Caitlyn and Molly are both great role model characters (I particularly enjoyed Caitlyn’s storyline – she was such a breath of fresh air) – both lose their way at times but really discover what they want from life and are brave enough to risk everything to get it. Harper’s moreish writing takes us with them every step of the way. When you finally put the book down you’ll feel much better about life because it teaches you that, honestly, it’s OK to make mistakes.


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