Foretold (Sisters of Fate #1) – Rinda Elliot

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Unknown-503What we say: 

It is written that three Sisters of Fate have the power to change the world’s destiny. But only if they survive….
The Lockwood triplets have had the prophecy drummed into their heads since birth. Still, Raven, the eldest of the sisters, can’t believe it’s really happening. She’s the reincarnation of a Norse goddess? One of the sisters is destined to die? When it starts snowing in summer in Florida, the sisters fear the worst has come to pass. Ragnarok, the Norse end of the world, has begun.

Raven finds herself the secret protector of Vanir, a boy with two wolves, a knowledge of Norse magic, and a sense of destiny he can’t quite explain. He’s intense, sexy, and equally determined to save her when it becomes clear someone is endangering them. Raven doesn’t know if getting closer to him will make a difference in the coming battle, but her heart isn’t giving her a choice.

Ahead of the sisters is the possibility of death at the hand of a warrior, death by snow, death by water, or death by fire…

Or even from something else…

Sisters of Fate: The prophecy doesn’t lie: One is doomed to die.


What we say – review by Charlotte Foreman: 

I know nothing about Norse mythology (I’m honestly not sure if it’s a real thing) but this fact didn’t matter a jot. I enjoyed the story immensely and I’m thrilled it’s only the first book in a trilogy.

Gods, magic, prophecies, romance and danger, this supernatural read has it all in spades. The terminology and complexity of the history behind the prophecy –  that has apparently put an apocalypse in motion – is sometimes confusing if you’re not up to speed on such subjects. However, the book is written in such a way that I was able to take what info I needed and move on, without having to double back and figure out the meanings.

The instant chemistry between Raven and Vanir was a definite plus and didn’t come across as false, just fated. The riddles of what had been foretold added to the mystery and the action certainly kicked things up a notch as regular intervals.

Having had the first book concentrate on eldest triplet Raven, I’m excited to dive into book two, Forecast, which zeroes in on Coral, although I hope Raven and Vanir make a few decent appearances as I’m not ready to let them go yet.


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