Get Behind Grumpy Old Menopause in the People’s Book Prize Award!

May 20, 2015 News & Guest Blogs 2

grumpy-old-menopause-cover-small1Ladies and gentleman, we may have had the UK election but now your vote is needed for something even more important—in The People’s Book Prize Award.

Please help raise awareness of how to survive the menopause (men and women) by voting for Grumpy Old Menopause in the People’s Book Award Prize. This is an award decided by the people, is highly prestigious and is fiercely competitive. The ceremony will be televised by SKY.

Grumpy Old Menopause has sold thousands of copies and been featured on over fifty radio shows, in magazines and on BBC Breakfast television. Please look at the comments on the People’s Book Prize Award website to get an idea of the positive affect it has had on readers:
The public can vote from 15th to 27th May to determine the overall winners from the 3 new specially designed finalists pages now ‘live’ at Click on the purple new link from Home Page.
Grumpy Old Menopause is in the non-fiction section and is the fifth book down. You can’t miss the bright yellow cover.

I know some of you may be reluctant to vote for something you have not read but please check all the reviews, borrow the book from the library, read the first pages that are free on Amazon and you will see it is a great read. You can also see Carol being interviewed on BBC Breakfast television about it

If the book wins it will allow Carol to champion the menopause cause further and hopefully help many more women who are still reluctant to discuss this subject and suffer symptoms in silence.

Please help. Every vote counts. See for details on how to vote or email if you have any trouble logging on.

Many thanks indeed,

Carol E Wyer

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