Gigi’s Island Dream by Rosie Dean

April 27, 2017 Book Reviews 1

Picture1What they say:

Gabriella Gill-Martin – Gigi to her friends – ditches her privileged life in London’s fast lane, to live on an island, in her dream house, where she will build beautiful sculptures and grow vegetables. But she soon learns life in the fast lane is not all she has to give up.
When dreams become nightmares – what’s a girl to do? 

What we say – review by Nikki Mason:

The title of Rosie Dean’s latest book had me imagining a sexy romp on a Caribbean island – what I actually got was a story about a woman fighting to prove her worth on the terribly pretty but less rambunctious Isle of Wight – and it was much more satisfying for it.

Gigi has grown up in a wealthy family, without having to spare a thought about where the next holiday was coming from, let alone the next meal. But Gigi wants to try and make her own way in the cottage her beloved grandmother has left her in her will. But when her dad’s business takes an unexpected nosedive, Gigi is forced to rely on her wits and artistic talent and not her trust fund. And as long as her spendthrift brother doesn’t get into too much trouble, she’s sure she can manage it on her own.

Everyone, from her dad to her boyfriend Rupert, thinks Gigi will fail but she’s a tougher cookie than she seems and with the help of her surly but loyal neighbour Luke, she knows she can prove them all wrong. How hard can it be to grow a few vegetables? But Gigi can’t see that there’s more trouble coming her way than she could possible imagine. How will she face it?

Gigi is a great role model – she’s kind, hard-working and a whole lot of fun. We could all do with a friend like her in our lives. Rosie Dean’s books always make me smile and this one was no exception. Add to that such a beautiful setting that I’m looking at holiday lets on the island myself, and you’ve got a cocktail of deliciousness that is better than any Caribbean rum punch.


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