#HitLitProChristmas – The Christmas of 1962 – Jenny Harper

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1962 was one of the worst ever winters in Britain. Only the winter of 1683-84 has been significantly colder, since records began.

I was a small girl and very excited about Christmas in a cottage in Lancashire with my family.  The snow arrived, a whole skyful of it. I remember waking on Christmas morning to a glorious sunny day. The snow was feet deep, but sparkling with ten million diamonds. My brothers and I played outside, rolled in the snow, made snowmen and generally had a ball.


 And then the power went.


Yup. No electricity – and in the small cottage, no alternative power either. I can’t honestly remember how we kept warm. There might have been an open fire, but there certainly wasn’t anything to cook on. I vaguely remember grazing on bread and cheese – and I certainly remember being very, very cold! Still – it’s one Christmas I haven’t forgotten, more than fifty years later.

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4 Responses to “#HitLitProChristmas – The Christmas of 1962 – Jenny Harper”

  1. Sheryl Browne

    OMGosh! Makes you wonder why we all hanker after a white Christmas, doesn’t it? Still, it was pretty though. Here’s to a warmer one this year, Jenny. 🙂 xx

  2. Rosie Dean

    A white Christmas! How rare is that in the UK?

    I remember coming out of Midnight Mass, one year, and snow was falling, which seemed so magical. Unfortunately, when we woke on Christmas Day it had all gone.

    By the way, loving the Christmas theme of the blog, ladies!

  3. Linn B Halton

    What a memory – it stands the test of time when other ‘perfect’ Christmases will, no doubt, have been forgotten or merge into each other. What an experience, Jenny, and what a treasure!

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