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Over here at BestChickLit, we’ve known Tanya Farrell through the book blogging community for a while now. We adore her non-stop chatter, love of erotic fiction (seriously the dirtier the better, as far as Tan is concerned) and her blog, After The Final Chapters. So when we heard she’d penned a short story that had been published in an anthology, what else was we to do but read it (we loved it – review here) and then demand an interview!

And here’s the woman herself:


Can you tell us about Stop Waiting For Friday? 

SWFF is a collection if short stories. Each story is by a different author revolving around the theme Stop Waiting For Friday. Don’t put things off cos you know what, tomorrow may never come and that’s a fact. The stories are a maximum of 2,500 words so you can read them on your tea break, waiting on the bus or if you are like me then you can stand and read them in the queue at the bank. Of course when you get to the really good part the queue speeds up and you have to put it away lol

Each author has a different and unique story to tell and they do it in their own voice. Its really a great anthology.


Unknown-462How did you get involved with the Imagine Write Inspire writing group?

I was told I was getting involved in it haha. Its set up by Carmel Harrington who is a very very dear friend of mine. She told me to start a blog and I did. Now look haha. She added me to this group and told me to write so I did! In truth I am not as involved with the group as I should be. Time is against me. You know how it is Charlotte as I am not sure where you fit sleep into your schedule!


You’ve been reviewing on your blog After The Final Chapters for a while now, what make you put down the books and pick up a pen (so to speak)?

This is a funny one. Not funny haha just uncanny maybe.  I went back to education two years ago at the age of 30. During one of my classes I realised that I could write and it actually wasn’t too bad at all. Then I started the blog and pieces and reviews just flowed. I found writing easy and I just wrote how I think. People seem to like it. I had a blog about losing weight which people enjoyed and found amusing, til I started putting on weight and stopped writing. I wrote a poem and showed Carmel and she loved it. She encouraged me to write. I took part in another short story anthology which was an Amazon best seller called “All I Want For Christmas”. Writing comes easy to me, Baby’s Gift was written in 45 minutes one night when I was in work. Its the editing part I’m not so good at but Catherine Evans another member of the group helped with that!


Where did the idea for your story come from? 

Write from the heart, write what you know. Isn’t that what they say?  Thats all I can say without giving anything away.


Writing or reviewing? 

Oh now there is a question. Baby’s Gift will be transformed into a novel. Just as soon as I get a new laptop. We will see!!


Who is your favourite author? 

Well Carmel Harrington is amazing and a good friend. I love her to bits. Her writing is amazing.

My all time favourite author is Lauren Blakely. I adore her and her Blakely Boys. She even trusts me to give her input into her writing.


Unknown-368What is your favourite book? 

Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover is my all time #1


Tell us a secret . . .

I talk to much. 
No really? 
Ya, I know. Worlds worst kept secret. But because I talk too much there isn’t much about me that is secret. Brian, my husbag, says I can’t hold my own water. Well obviously – who would want to? That’s just ew. I’m really good with other people’s secrets though 🙂 so feel free to tell me some.


Any advice for any budding bloggers and/or writers out there? 

Just do it.


1619391_10151934940605108_1404705096_nAuthor Bio: 

Tanya Farrell is a 32year old mother, wife, and self-confessed reading addict living in Tramore, Co Waterford, in the South East of Ireland.  After having three babies in three years, Jamie, now 6, Aidan 5 and Holly Mai 4, life was busy and there wasn’t much time for reading.  However nosiness got the better of her when EVERYONE was talking about red rooms of pain and cable ties.  Armed with her trusty Kobo, Tanya decided to read Fifty Shades of Grey and admits that the series had a huge impact on her life.
No not in the bedroom – cheeky!  But it did re-ignite her love of reading and also introduced her to many new genres of books which include YA and romance books not forgetting her much loved chick lit.
Tanya started her popular blog After The Final Chapters in January 2013, where she happily reviews books for her growing fan base who love her fun and honest posts.   She has now earned the reputation as one of Ireland’s top Book Review Bloggers with publishers, authors and most importantly the readers.
Getting lost in books is quite simply Tanya’s favourite place to be.


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