Knight’s Mistress (Knight Trilogy 1) – CC Gibbs

February 14, 2015 Book Reviews, Erotica 0

What they say:

Katherine Hart is thrilled to be recruited by Knight Enterprises, the most prestigious venture-capital company in the world. That is, until she makes the acquaintance of the company’s infamous CEO, Dominic Knight.

At thirty-two, Dominic is a self-made billionaire with a fearsome ambition and a temper to match. He is also impossibly attractive and dangerously charming when he wants to be.

To Kate, Dominic seems like the perfect predator, and she resolves to be cautious despite the obvious chemistry between them, telling herself she can always leave if Dominic grows too demanding. What she doesn’t know is that the decision isn’t hers to make… Dominic Knight has found a new plaything, and Mr. Knight always gets what he wants.

What we say – review by Elizabeth A Wright:

Now, I’m in two minds about this book. On the one hand, I’m sure it is not meant to be taken seriously or for anyone to read too much into it, after all erotica is supposed to be a little naughty fun. But on the other hand, some aspects of it really made me mad.

At times it is a sweet love story, and others a heated adventure, but then there are the moments that make my proud inner feminist stand up and scream! The words “You must learn obedience. You’re much too independent.” should sum this up for you. I’d certainly only recommend it for those with an open mind, and those who love nothing more than a man to take control in the bedroom. The raunchier moments are fairly tame in comparison to what is out there, in the big bad world, but it is the mind games that will either turn you on or turn you off – we have a definite marmite situation here.

Written with lovers of 50 Shades of Grey in mind – the similarities are endless – this is just the first in the three part series (the other 2 reviews will follow, have no fear). I had trouble liking Dominic and Katherine, which certainly pulled me back from the action, but perhaps I am asking too much from the book. However, CC Gibbs certainly conjures up images of two extremely beautiful people and seems to have an endless vocabulary when it comes to the x-rated scenes. Dominic and Katherine have undeniable chemistry, but his desire to control her, at times violently, and baby her made me pull back from the story. If the thought of a sexy, successful man drawing you into a world of excess and completely taking care of you turns you on, then this could be the ideal read for you. I’m looking forward to finding out how the story ends for these two complicated lovers, but while the complex mind games and power balance does fascinate me, unfortunately the heat doesn’t leave the page for me.

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