Nix Romipen (Solar Wind 6) – Lyz Russo

January 21, 2017 Book Reviews 0

UntitledWhat they say:

Romania. A place of harsh contrasts; dangerous and beautiful wilderness; a silent invisible people. This is where Federi was born; and this is where he takes Paean in their breakaway from the Solar Wind, their bid for freedom.

But Federi is hunting big game now. He is going after the Unicate, once and for all. The old gypsy curse of Falco is singing loudly in his blood, and he has to finish it. Whether it meets with Paean’s approval or not. Too many have died; and despite Captain’s politics, the Unicate still exerts its rule of terror in this remote, half-forgotten country.

As he goes after the Unicate, tracing the secret of the Hounds, something larger is tracing him, though. The trip of the Solar Wind into space has alerted some ancient forces. Federi and his best partner, Paean, trade places as he follows Captain back into space while she finds herself in the depths of a Unicate mound, with an unexpected ally, a Unicate “Other”… 

What we say – review by Nikki Mason:

The Solar Wind books always blow me away – Lyz Russo’s imagination is a wickedly fertile place and she transfers it onto the page with a dark flair. This a a pirate ship I want to live on and a crew I almost see as friends now.

This latest instalment takes up immediately as the last one left off and we’re plunged further into the dark workings of the dreaded Unicate, whose ruling dominance over earth is becoming more and more dangerous. For a while it seems too much for tough little Paean – even with her Morrigan now onside to help bring in the Space Council’s help. But intergalactic superpowers can be so disappointing and all is not as it seems at the Unicate HQ – there is surely only one man left who can save earth from its grasp – assassin, pirate, gypsy and devil all wrapped up into one complicated but loveable Federi.

There were moments in this book that had me squirming in my seat – it’s not always a pleasant read but it’s exciting and the undercurrent of love and loyalty washes the nasty taste that the fighting and hate leaves in your mouth and melts into something more dark and delicious.


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