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February 1, 2016 Book Reviews 2

On the Rebound by Jim CanganyWhat they say:

Sabotaged by scandal, basketball coach Greg Miller can’t find work in the men’s division. Humble and defeated, he takes a job as an assistant coach for a women’s college team. Deciding that he’s going to make the best of it and clear his name of any wrongdoing, Greg sets out to make a difference and prove himself to everyone who doubted him.

When circumstances arise and a valuable player needs some help, the coach begins working alongside elegant and determined academic advisor Ciara Monaghan. Soon, Greg finds he needs more than just a victory on the court.

Disgusted by his immoral reputation, Ciara steers clear of the basketball coach’s full court press. However, as they are forced together and the truth comes out, Ciara realizes there is more to Greg than she ever realized.

With the season coming to an end and the clock running out, will one of them take the shot and finally change the game?


What we say: Review by Elizabeth Wright

I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing all of Jim Cangany’s books, so when I heard he was releasing On The Rebound I was eager to get my hands on it. I’m not a sports fan, however I can’t resist anyone with passion and that is something that all of Jim’s characters have. Their dedication and genuine love of basketball is captivating and sets this book apart from many generic romance books.

On The Rebound tells the story of two people who have been caught up in the painful twists and turns of life and are now trying to put their lives back together again and focus on their true passion; basketball. As is often the case, love hits and Greg and Ciara find their expectations for the season are completely overturned. This is not just a simple story of boy meets girl. It is about finding your place in the world, your passion and the one person who makes sense of it all.

Anyone who has had a dream stolen from them will find themselves hooked on the narrative. On The Rebound is a welcome reminder for us all to keep chasing our dreams, despite anything that might stand in our way. Cangany hasn’t failed to bring his trademark talent to the table, offering insight into the characters’ true natures and a sense of honesty to the narrative. I believe the story would have benefited from a tougher struggle between Greg and Ciara, as it all felt just a touch too easy, and some of the writing could have been tightened. However, as always, Cangany offers several moments throughout the book that give true insight into human nature and are just begging to be quoted. Overall, another heartwarming story and I can’t wait for the sequel.


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