Personal Assets – Emma Holly

April 29, 2015 Book Reviews, Erotica 0

Personal AssetsWhat they say:

The exclusive hotel for discerning adults…

Beatrix Clouet, the daughter of the hotel’s late owner, is determined to make a success of the business. But the chain’s future rests in the hands of the ruthless yet charming Philip Carmichael for whom Bea feels an immediate attraction.

Philip Carmichael has other plans… With temptation so near, can Bea manage to mix business with pleasure?


What we say – review by Nikki Mason:

Wow! Emma Holly knows how to do racy! This novel intertwines two stories about insecure women finding themselves and their perfect partners through sexual experimentation.

Bea thinks she’s unattractive. After hearing her Parisian mother tell her so for so many years it’s not surprising. Add to that the humiliation of being in love with her handsome stepfather who her mother misused, she’s a girl who has somewhat lost her way. Following her mother’s death though, Bea’s passions and confidence can be unleashed, and Philip is suddenly awakened to her charms.

Meanwhile her best friend Lela is fed up of being the good-time-girl and is looking to find a career to take seriously. But as she works towards a management role in a high class New York boutique, in walks a powerful, sexy guy who she’s not sure she can resist.

Holly has tried hard to mix up the sex scenes in this book, so they don’t become to samey – which is a problem I find with erotica. With kind Philip, domineering Simon and cheeky Andrew we have a mix of men willing to satisfy our heroines’ wants. They’re also taken to (and in) some of the most exquisite and the most run down city scenes, so there’s something in here for every fantasy. Most endearingly, there are some quite sweet love stories hiding beneath all that explicit lust, though I would, perhaps, have liked a little more subtle character development along the way.

Personal Assets

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