Regarding Anna – Florence Osmund

April 29, 2016 Book Reviews 0

UntitledWhat they say:

Things that happen to you in the past can mold you into someone you’re not.

After recovering from the shock of her parents perishing in a tragic accident, Grace Lindroth discovers clues in their attic that cause her to believe the people she called Mom and Dad her whole life may not have been her real parents.

In her search for the truth, Grace encounters people whose actions cause her to be distrustful of just about everyone, making her mission that much more difficult but heightening her determination to uncover what she believes is essential for her to go on with her life.

What we say – review by Nikki Mason:

It’s stories like this that remind me of why I wanted to review books in the first place. Regarding Anna is exciting, thought-provoking and so highly enjoyable that I wanted to start it all over again as soon as I finished.

Heroine Grace is a lousy PI by trade – a career she’s been compelled to undertake once she discovers that her parents may not actually be her parents after they die in suspicious circumstances. Unfortunately Anna, the woman she believes is her biological mother, was murdered twenty years ago. With the help of a glamorous secretary, an old battle-axe and a possible ex-lover of Anna’s, Grace will stop at nothing to find the truth about her identity.

Everything about this book was an absolute joy: I loved the sixties America setting. I loved that Grace’s focus was on finding herself and not finding a lover. I loved the strong characters and subplots that surrounded her. I loved that there were no ‘good’ characters and ‘bad’ characters because the author had created people who were more nuanced and shaded. And finally, I loved how intriguing and easy to read it was.

I just loved it, got it?


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