Strike of the Cobra – Stephen Heubach

July 8, 2016 Book Reviews 0

51abM3lbxVL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_What they say: 

When boat trader Daniel Cassidy is approached by a Turkish businessman who offers him a lucrative international deal, he has his suspicions about the quality of the vessels on offer. Little does he realise that the boats are the last thing he should be worrying about – their hidden cargo is far more sinister. Daniel soon finds himself locked into a web of lies and deceit, and also finds himself trapped between the threat of a smuggling charge and the fear that the criminals who are shadowing him will wreak a terrible revenge on him and his family.

Strike of the Cobra, based on a true-life story, is a thrilling tale of crime, subterfuge and drug smuggling in Britain, Turkey and Singapore.

What we say – Review by Elizabeth Wright:

There is something to be said for books based on true stories. It adds a tinge of excitement knowing that this isn’t just the complete work of the author’s imagination, but a representation of the true twists and turns of life – not that this story needs any more excitement!

If I were to choose one phrase to describe this book, it would undoubtedly be ‘page-turner’. You quickly find yourself swept up in the story and before you know it you’re halfway through and unable to put it down. At times the writing can be a little simplistic and stilted, but the story grabs you to such an extent that before long you don’t even notice. I’d recommend this to anyone looking for something a little out of the ordinary and unexpected. You won’t be disappointed.

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