Taming The Incubus – Robyn Koshel

September 25, 2014 Book Reviews, Erotica 5

Unknown-477What they say: 

‘Millicent is just an ordinary housewife when she dies and is sent to Hell. Then the Devil offers her a deal to find Stanley Biggins and make him do three things: have sexual intercourse, kill, and deny God, then she could return to earth. Just when she thinks it can’t get any worse, her partner on her mission turns out to be an Incubus, with whom she must have repeated sex in order to keep him sustained.

This is a rollicking adventure full of intrigue, obsessive love and freaky demon sex. Can Millicent complete her mission and seal the fate of human kind, or will she fail? Along the journey she finds true love, ultimate redemption, and her destiny. Find out who wins this battle of good versus evil.’


What we say – review by Charlotte Foreman: 

On reading the blurb, I immediately like the fact that this book sounded so different from what I normally read, and so I promptly downloaded it.

Kicking off with Millicent finding herself in the Devil’s office, you’re treated to a comical opening scene that successfully sets the tone of the whole book (the fact that Hell looks like Florida deserves special mention here). But it’s after the deal of her life is agreed and signed upon that the adventure really begins. Being dumped back on earth with the demonic Tegan (aka Zagan), Millicient is immediately drawn to her Incubus guard – fair enough, considering he’s taking on the form of a famous movie star – which is the cause of some emotional turmoil for a lot of the book.

Although the main issue is finding Stanley Biggins, the focus of the story rests mainly upon the pair’s relationship. It’s heady and intense, calling basic morality into question at regular intervals, but when souls are simply destined to be there’s no fighting it. The pair make a good duo and their verbal sparring is very amusing at times, while their intimate relationship is incredibly erotic. Violence and sex is a dangerous mix but Robyn Koshel handles it well, even if some parts are fundamentally wrong. There are also the constant questions over Tegan’s trustworthiness, considering he’s a demon in cahoots with the Devil and all, and what he knows about the situation as a whole . . .

The book comes to an end on quite a cliffhanger and I, for one, cannot wait to read the next part.


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