The Donor (Part 2) – Nikki Rae

October 10, 2014 Book Reviews, Young Adult Reviews 0

The Donor Part Two Cover FinalWhat they say: 

‘When Casey joined, she never imagined she would meet a man who not only helps her pay the bills, but has been nothing but a gentleman.

As the nose bleeds make way for worse symptoms, Casey can’t help the feelings she has for Jonah, despite how he may never return them. And he’s been keeping things from her. Big things. How does he make his money, and who is that girl in the picture?
With the clock ticking, can she find the answers she’s looking for?’


What we say say – review by Charlotte Foreman: 

I was mightily frustrated, as only a bookworm hooked on a new book can be, when part one of The Donor ended so I was over the moon to get my grubby paws on part two recently.

The second novella takes you straight back to where Casey is staying with Jonah, in an attempt to secure her family’s financial situation. A lot of questions are raised in the first instalment and this one begins to develop and really push the story along. It’s as heartbreaking as the first, as Casey struggles to come to terms with her mortality and bears more weight on her shoulder than a kid her age should.

Jonah is a total gent and feelings begin to get tangled between the two as you realise he’s more than meets the eye. There’s no way of knowing exactly what the outcome of this story is going to be because of the constant cloud of dread that hangs over the plot and calls your common sense into question – you want Casey to survive but you know there’s no way she can. The over feel of the story is emotionally raw, as two people look for comfort and find it in the most unlikely places. It’s a fascinating read that not only hold your attention but demands it.

Stick around for The Donor Part 3 review later today.


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