The Search for the Perfect Valentine’s Read

February 14, 2017 Author Interviews, News & Guest Blogs 0

Thank you to our wonderful authors for taking part in today’s Valentine’s event. It’s been fascinating finding out what everyone’s favourite romance novels are and my To Be Read list has definitely grown today!

I suspected that there would be a few books that we all have in common, but everyone has really surprised me with their choices, including many that I’ve never even heard of!

But three books stand out as familiar favourites:


The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer


Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë


Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell (I’m ashamed to say I’ve never read this, but I will now!)

Are there any books that you think we’ve missed? We’d love to hear from you.

We hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and we’ll end the day with a little flash fiction.

The Hundred Mile Stare by Elizabeth Wright

She walked out to the corner of the rooftop bar, rested her shaking hands on the cool concrete and stared out at the inner city view stretched before her. With a thousand mile stare she saw nothing before her but ached with her entire being for the moment when those arms would slide around her waist, encircling her with all that she’d longed for. Four years ago they’d parted ways after a simple coffee at the museum café. But it hadn’t been simple. It never was with them, and the moment they separated after their hug goodbye, the kiss hung between them waiting to be taken. A kiss that would change everything. A kiss that could wipe out all that had happened before and envelope them in a life full of happiness and inspiration. But the kiss never was taken and slowly they parted ways, each looking over their shoulder just as the other looked away.

But now here she was, ready to see him again. She’d pictured it in a million different ways, staring into space with eyes unfocused, seeing nothing but the same scenario played out over and over in her mind. The sense of insanity was not lost on her, but without this vain hope surely true insanity was all she had left. She focused her eyes straight ahead and tried to take it all in, her skin tingled with anticipation. She took in a deep breath and slowly let it release through her nose, trying to calm her nerves as the breath left her body. Her shoulders released down as a glass with a peculiar green liquid was placed in front of her and the warmth of a familiar body stood beside her. She slowly wrapped her fingers around the glass, willing her nerves not to fling it from the rooftop ledge, before she looked up to meet his eyes. His warm easy smile dissolved her nerves, allowing her returning smile to spread from her lips, glistening from her eyes.

“Absinth?” she asked.

“Better.” He replied with that glint in his eye.

She put the glass to her lips and closed her eyes as the green liquid slid over her tongue. The burning sensation ripped through her throat as she swallowed, but she needed that moment to mentally prepare herself for what was coming next. Maybe the alcohol would numb the growing realisation that this was all wrong; it wasn’t real. You can’t wipe out the past. Even four years wasn’t enough to heal this wound. But she pushed the thought down with the green drink burning a hole in her stomach lining.

“I’ve missed you.” She mouthed, barely audible.

“I know.” He said, unable to meet her eyes.

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