The Sex Diaries – edited by Arianne Cohen

February 14, 2015 Book Reviews, Erotica 0

Unknown-515What they say: 

You’ve read the fiction, now find out what really goes on behind closed doors.

You’ve spent a long hard week at the office and your social life has seen better days. All the while you’ve contemplated thoughts that you wouldn’t even share with your best friend: the true depths of your latest romantic obsession; your unorthodox fantasies; your secret lustful thoughts. Well, so has everyone else around you. We all do it – all day, every day – but we’ve all remained silent. Until now.


What we say – review by Charlotte Foreman:

Contained within the pages of The Sex Diaries is quite the collection of inner most thoughts. The kind thoughts you never share with anyone; your raging insecurities, doubts and most off-the-wall musings.

If you find the inner workings of strangers’ minds fascinating then is the perfect read for you. For me, I found it a little depressing and intrusive. Yes, there were some exceedingly naughty entries but the overall tone seemed to be one of desolation, of people crying out for true, meaningful relationships and how they wish their lives could be different.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticising the book. I just expected it to be a fun and cheeky read but it’s a lot deeper than that so be prepared.


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