Until We Collide by Charlotte Fallowfield

February 22, 2017 Book Reviews 0

Picture1What they say:

What do you do when the guy you’re in love with is seeing someone else?

That’s the dilemma facing Paige Taylor. All of her life she’s only ever had eyes for the gorgeous Alec Wright, but despite their undeniable chemistry, their timing has always been off. Fast approaching her thirtieth birthday, Paige despairs of ever finding love and a happy ever after. Her best friend Poppie tells her that she can either watch life pass her by, or grab it with both hands. She convinces Paige to throw herself back into the dating pool, or she could be waiting for Alec forever.

What Paige didn’t expect was the catalogue of dating disasters to follow. A neck brace, jelly fish, stitches, flashing and an encounter with a gorilla were some of the most memorable. Despite some downright hilarious, humiliating and cringe worthy dates, her biological clock is ticking and Paige is determined to keep trying until she finds the one. Was Alec Wright always her Mr. Right, or is he still out there waiting to be found?

Join Paige in her quest to find the ultimate prize. Love.

What we say – review by Nikki Ford:

Goodness me, I enjoyed this book so much. It has such a sense of fun and, after a crazy couple of weeks, it cheered me up no end. Honestly, if you’re feeling down then this book is the perfect antidote.

Paige Taylor is a hardworking schoolgirl when she spots the gorgeous farmer Alec Turner. And from then on her fate is sealed. We follow Paige through her teens, twenties and into her thirties as she turns from clumsy teen to a glamourous lingerie model with the whole world (and many men) at her feet. Although she still trips over those feet more often than not. She and Alec, who becomes a famous photographer, seem to always meet at the wrong time but their feelings for each other won’t die but to get over him she goes on date after disastrous date. Each one is a hilarious treat to read about – though poor Paige is always devastated and, despite her elegant lifestyle, she begins to wonder if it’ll always be a bit hollow without love.

Perhaps this novel doesn’t offer anything innovative but Paige and best friend Poppie are so funny and heart-warming and the sexual chemistry between Paige and Alec is electrifying. It was just the perfect comedy romance novel – I challenge you to read it and not come away smiling.


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