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July 3, 2014 Author Interviews 2

Being an Über fan of The Keepers series, Charlotte jumped at the chance to interview paranormal romance author Rae Rivers:

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Unknown-439Where did the inspiration for The Keepers series come from? 

It was Sienna, my witch, that came to mind first and the book initially revolved around her.  She’s an all time powerful witch. With that comes a lot of great danger so the idea of The Keepers developed from there.  In Sienna’s case, because of her powers, she has three Keepers, three brothers, who are her friends, allies and fierce protectors.  As I started developing the characters of these gorgeous brothers, I soon realised they each had their own story to tell – and so the series was born.


Did you always want to write paranormal romance? 

To be honest, I’d never considered it as I’d always written romantic suspense so it was a big surprise when Sienna came to mind out of the blue one day.  I was eager to tell her story but it felt a bit strange venturing into a completely new genre.  I’m so glad I made the jump as I’ve had so much fun with this series.



Who is your favourite character?

I adore them all for different reasons.  Archer’s calm and brooding, Declan’s irrational and fiery, and Ethan’s a bit of both.  The more time I’ve spent writing from each brother’s point of view, first Archer, then Declan and now Ethan, it’s become increasingly harder to pick a favourite.  And it’s the same for the women in the series!

If you had to marry one of the Keepers, who would it be? 

Ha-ha, what an awesome choice!  The best personality fit for me personally would probably be Archer simply because he’s calmer and level headed.  Although Declan and I would have a lot of fun together, we’d probably end up killing each other – two fiery personalities are seldom a good mix!  J



Declan CoverWhat is your writing routine and do you have any specific habits? 

As I’ve started writing more full time, I’ve made a point of writing every day.  It’s like any other job – I get my kids off to school, make coffee, and settle down at my desk to tackle the admin, writing or editing.  I always start by going back and re-reading what I wrote the previous day.  Sometimes I love it and I eagerly get stuck in with the next scene … and other times, I can’t delete fast enough!   I’m always plotting and planning in my mind though – it’s very distracting but so much fun.



Tell us a secret  . . .

I hate waiting – for anything.  I do it, and I can be patient if needed … but I hate it!


What’s next for Rae Rivers? 

I’m currently writing the last book in the series, The Keepers: Ethan.  As for after that … I have a new exciting idea that I’m working on which I hope to share soon!

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